Alimony changes would shortchange families

By Star Tribune

House Republicans pushing a tax overhaul have managed to do something that’s extremely difficult to pull off.

They’ve found a way to make the searing pain of divorce even more difficult for families.

The reason is a provision — little known except to family law attorneys who are now gnawing their nails to nubs — that cuts the deduction for spousal maintenance. If this proposal passes, those making payments (which some call alimony) face an even bigger financial hit.

The receivers of that money, primarily women, will likely have to make more with less.

And children, once again, will suffer the most.

“It won’t quite be disastrous for the divorce process, but it will make quick resolutions more difficult,” said Lisa Byrne, a Twin Cities-based certified divorce financial analyst who reviews spousal support proposals, among other hot-button issues.

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